Indulge Yourself in Our Exquisite Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Sunsets are beautiful; there’s no doubt about it.

They are perfect to end a fun-filled day and start a nice relaxing evening. Is there a better way to celebrate a good vacation than taking a sunset cruise with a nice cold drink in your hand?

At Sky Pirate Parasail & Watersports, you can enjoy a lot of exciting activities, including jet ski rides, parasailing, and water-skiing. As you end your day, you can continue your adventure and relax as you set your eyes on the beautiful views of Hilton Head Island.

Establishing shot of Sunset View at The Beach Resort.

Unwind With a Relaxing Cruise by the Island

Come and enjoy nature from the fascinating views of the calm blue waters. Experience the therapeutic view of the sunset as you cruise along the sea.
SPP Sunset View Near The Dock With A Boat

Activity Duration and Location

The Hilton Head Broad Creek and Calibogue Sound is a great place to escape your worries and enjoy a nice view of the waters. By taking our two-hour atmospheric cruise, you will see the quiet and breathtaking scenery. Allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of America’s favorite island – sit back, relax, and take in the spectacular beauty of nature as it unfolds through the colorful skies.

What We Serve

Our sunset cocktail cruise includes refreshing beer or fine wine of your choice. For children, we offer cold soft drinks.
SPP A Bottle Of White In A Tray

For our sunset cocktail cruise, we suggest you travel light. Please refrain from bringing large bags to the sunset cruise. This ensures you get the most out of this incredible experience without the unnecessary baggage.

That said, we suggest that you bring the following:

  • Passport or ID cards
    Note: Copies and photos of IDs won’t be accepted.
  • Sun Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Cameras

During the two-hour sunset cruise, we make sure that your safety is kept a priority. For a worry-free and relaxing cruise, make sure that you observe the following safety tips on board:

  • Always look out for your children.
  • Avoid wearing high heels.
  • Limit your drinks.

We also encourage our guests to plan ahead of time. Weather is of utmost importance. We don’t push through with the tour in times of heavy rain or thunder. Consider calling ahead to confirm or cancel your booking if the weather seems unfavorable on that date.

  • The guest must check in 15 minutes before the reserved time slot.
  • We confirm reservations with a credit card and have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel inside of 24 hours or don’t show / miss your reserved activity, we will not refund your purchase. If reservations are made inside of 24 hours, they are considered “Confirmed” and guest will be obligated to participate or be charged the full rate of the scheduled activity.

Soak Up the Scenery by Booking Today

End your day and head out for a great night on the island with our scenic sunset cocktail cruises at Sky Pirate Parasail & Watersports! As you embark on panoramic views and peaceful waters coupled with a nice drink in hand, you can have an exciting experience like no other.

Fun is not always found in thrill-seeking rides. Sometimes, all you need is to have a good conversation while gazing at the beautiful pink and orange sunset. Reserve our unique sunset cruise experience online, or call us 843-842-2566 today!

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